Dear Friends and Global Citizens,

Warmest Greetings to each and every one of you,

Subang as a microcosm has been in a desperate need of a spiritual refuge for quite some time now. Recognition of this need acted as a catalyst that provided a small group of us with a vision; a vision to form an Association charged with a singular mission; the development of Gurdwara Sahib in Subang for our community.

I am pleased to inform you that from our humble beginnings, our vision is now turning into reality. Having obtained a piece of State Government land and the relevant approvals, the Association has since embarked upon this monumental undertaking of the construction of a four-storey building to house the Gurdwara Sahib, the free kitchen (Langgar) Hall and other ancillary support services.

This development is necessary since the Gurdwara will act as a sanctuary, a refuge, a beacon of hope and an anchor for all members of our local as well as the wider community.

Based around the belief in the principals of “Sarbat da Bhala” our primary mission is to focus on four core activities that address the needs of the Youth, Single Parents, Senior Citizens and Budding Entrepreneurs. Thereby further amplifying our collective belief in “Welfare of all”

Just as a tree’s growth rings are a testimony to its resilience and growth, the unwavering focus on development of our Community is evidence of our Association’s resolve to complete our very own haven of peace.

We have yet, a long way to go and many more challenges to face but it is my belief that with each and every one of yours continued support and empathy towards our cause, we are certain to achieve the set goals we have set ourselves.

As all projects require funds, we too are vigorously engaged in fund raising through a variety of means. These channels include but are not limited to organising such events such as charity walks, charity dinners and auction, raffle draw, social gatherings and similar forms of benign solicitation.

On this note and on behalf of our Association I humbly seek your contribution in every and any way to facilitate advancement of this noble cause.

We thank you for your generous support and may the Almighty God bless each and every one of you with good health and happiness.

Yours faithfully,

singature       Amrick Singh Chairman – Gurdwara Sahib Subang Building Fund